Zhuangzi 庄子 in dialogue with the School of Names 名家

William Dou

My presentation will discuss my current work on the Chinese text « Gongsun Longzi » in connection with the Daoist text « Zhuangzi ». Giving a unified interpretation of these two texts will involve discussing the history of argumentation in Warring States China and running through Gongsun Long and Zhuang Zhou’s arguments. My aim is to begin a comparison between Western and Chinese philosophical notions as they were thought and developed by various historical personas. This comparison is crucial to and necessary for any attempt by the modern discipline of philosophy to incorporate the Chinese tradition to its own discourse.

Relevant references include: A.C. Graham’s Later Mohist Logic, Graham’s translation of the Zhuangzi entitled Chuang-Tzu, Ernst-Joachim Vierheller’s essay « Language and Logic in the Zhuangzi », Ming and Lai’s « Fixing the White Horse Discourse », and the edition Experimental Essays in the Zhuangzi.