Brila Youth Project 2016

Philopolis 2016

Philosophical play!

Bilingual workshops for Montreal youth aged 6-12

 Saturday February 6th from 10:00 a.m. to noon at McGill.

This year Philopolis invites young spirited thinkers to participate in innovative philosophy workshops that are full of surprises! Participants will launch into thought experiments, creative games and exercises, and group dialogues with the help of facilitators trained in Philosophy for Children (P4C), an internationally renowned, UNESCO-endorsed pedagogical model that promotes critical, creative and caring thinking in youth. An ideal opportunity for those curious minds that are always asking “why, why, why?”. Calling any and all young people, both anglophone and francophone, aged 6-12, who have big hearts, bold thoughts and spirited imaginations! (No experience necessary.)


For for further information as well as a submission form please visit this link.


See you there!


[Please note this workshop may be canceled in the event of low participation.]

Brila is a registered Canadian charity and not-for-profit organization based in Montreal, QC, that provides youth-driven educational programming through creative philosophy workshops and the production of digital magazine. For details: | | 438.338.5956.