Registration for the launch event

Due to public health guidelines, Philopolis is back from the comfort of your living room! Please register below for the different presentations taking place during our launch event on November 28th, 2020, from 10am to 8pm. The Zoom links will be sent to registered participants the same day. We will have the opportunity to hear from Iain Macdonald, Amandine Catala, Brandon Hogan, Lili Boisvert and Martin Gibert. You can register for one or several presentations at your convenience. To do so, please fill out the form below:

Iain Macdonald

Iain Macdonald is a professor of Philosophy at the Université de Montréal. His area of specialization is nineteenth- and twentieth-century European philosophy, including Hegel, Marx, critical theory, phenomenology and aesthetics. He is particularly interested in the metaphysical aspects of social theory. For more information: Macdonald/.

Amandine Catala

Amandine Catala is a professor of Philosophy at the UQÀM. She also holds the Canada Research Chair on Epistemic Injustice and Agency and is a research fellow at the CRÉ. Her research focuses on injustice and epistemic agency in relation with various concepts such as colonialism, indigenous issues, multiculturalism, racism, deliberative democracy, linguistic justice, neurodiversity and the underrepresentation of women and other minorities in certain fields. For more information: and

Brandon Hogan

Graduate of Harvard, Brandon Hogan is a professor at the Department of Philosophy at the Howard University in Washington. His research focuses on Hegel, the late Wittgenstein, philosophy of justice and philosophy of race. For more information:

Lili Boisvert

Lili Boisvert is an author, journalist and columnist. Her book Le principe du cumshot : le désir des femmes sous l’emprise des clichés sexuels is read in many CÉGEP philosophy courses. Graduate of the University of Montréal in political science, Lili Boisvert takes through her many collaborations a critical view on social issues. She recently published with VLB éditeur her first fiction novel, Le Prince. For more information:

Martin Gibert

Martin Gibert is a lecturer of philosophy at the UQÀM and an associated searcher with the CRÉ. Author of many books, Martin Gibert recently published Faire la morale aux robots: une introduction à l’éthique des algorithms (Atelier 10). His research interests focus on applied ethics, artificial intelligence, moral psychology and animal ethics. For more information: